Application of Fertigota Desalinator

Fertigota desalinizador

Experimentation Project

Throughout the campaign has been conducted to study the effect of the use of Fertigota Desalinator applied in the wash water with saline water fertirrigadas plots.
In irrigation systems, use of saline irrigation water salinize assumed the risk of the bulb, and other problems that can arise as plant toxicity, poor water infiltration into the soil and clogging in drip irrigation systems; getting even able to cause a decrease in crop production.
In cases where water is saline it is advisable to perform wash fractions, ie by making a solution of water and salts in the soil deeper layers shift, away from the roots.
This project has been developed on a plot of Campillos (Malaga) in olive fertigated 70 years with highly saline water (electrical conductivity around 4 dS / cm).
This project has made a “wash” of salts used in the wash fraction a special product to minimize the harmful effects of the salts mentioned: Fertigota Desalinator

The results were surprising in the nutrient solution which is in the root environment in the plot where you applied: Fertigota Desalinator:

At the agronomic level:

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  • Decreasing the pH of the solution available for olives, improving therefore Bulb conditions and the availability of nutrients, especially of the primary nutrients.
  • Decreased electrical conductivity in the nutrient solution.
  • Decreased Concentration of Total Dissolved Salts, decreasing this parameter is also the danger of salinization bulb.
  • Decreased concentration of chlorides in the bulb, no phytotoxic ion nutritional function for olives.
  • Decreased sodium concentration in the medulla, very harmful element in the olive grove at high concentrations.

Thus it has been shown the “maker effect” of this product, Fertigota recomedándose Desalinator application fertirrigadas plots with saline water.

At the production level:


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