Edition VI Internal Herogra Padel Tournament

[one_half]One more year and we are already the sixth edition, we have celebrated the traditional Internal Herogra Padel Tournament, which has become an important date of coexistence for all members of the Corporation, seasoned with a bit of sport.
Throughout the day were disputing parties in the newly opened Campus Padel Club tracks, new leader of the Grenadian paddle. This year, again, our friends Ortigosa Nestor Jimenez and Jose Angel Lopez Guillen, SA They were champions after a very tough final against a ‘couple’s house’ formed by Francisco Bailon and Raul Lopez.
The revelation of the couple formed by Maribel Garach tournament and won a tight Sicily Bethlehem consolation final resolved in the tie-break against Juan Jose Romero and Jaime Abad, another couple ‘Herogra’ that was left at the gates of success ..

A successful participation, achievement and camaraderie.[/one_half][one_half_last]Padel Herogra 2013[/one_half_last]

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