Experimentation Project. Application Fertigotas with Calcium

We performed an experimental study of fertigation with [marker]FERTIGOTAS WITH CALCIUM[/marker]. The project, contracted by Herogra to a specialist, has been to compare the agronomic level effect of applying [marker]FERTIGOTAS WITH CALCIUM[/marker] fertirrigadas plots with saline water, performing special attention to the effect of the product on sodium-calcium interaction.
As is known, Calcium has a moderating effect of the effects of salinity and sodium especially in soil and in the plant. Calcium, as a bivalent ion and a lower layer of hydration, sodium displaces exchange complex aggregation and improves saline soils. The increased activity of calcium and other cations in the soil with sodium, reduce the toxic effects of this element in plants:
Fertigotas con calcio
The results of the trial in a plot of olive groves experimentation 12 years in Martin de la Jara (Sevilla) with a water with high salt and high pH soils were:
Very significant differences in soil nutrient solution in the experimental plot regarding the witness: the value of pH, potassium, chloride, sodium and calcium, where these values ​​are more favorable in the plot fertirrigada with [marker]FERTIGOTAS WITH CALCIUM[/marker].
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  • Decreasing the pH of the solution available for olives in the experimental plot, improving therefore Bulb conditions and the availability of nutrients, especially of the primary nutrients.
  • Increased potassium concentration in the nutrient solution in the experimental plot.
  • Decreased concentration of chlorides in the experimental plot, reducing therefore the concentration of this ion phytotoxic no nutritional function for olives.
  • Decreased sodium concentration in the medulla, very harmful element in the olive grove at high concentrations and which competes with calcium in the soil.
  • Increased calcium concentration in the soil solution.

Therefore we recommend the use of [marker]FERTIGOTAS WITH CALCIUM[/marker] as a preventive measure in olive groves.

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