Fertigota deblocking. A picture is worth a thousand words

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We send our distributor, José María Manzanares Company FITOMA photos of an olive farm products HEROGRA credited with, among which include liquid fertilizers used in fertigation have been unblocking FERTIGOTA range. This range has the particularity of having an extremely acidic pH is achieved thereby unlock nutrients that are immobile due to the high pH of the earth in this way can be optimized fertilizer use because less units apply a traditional paid. Another characteristic of this range is to be chloride free (containing less than 0.3% under the law) that allows the floor salinice not.
Details of the plot:
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  • Finca “El Realengo”. Municipality of Antequera.
  • The olives are Hojiblanca, aged 25 years.
  • Subsurface drip irrigation in the center of the litter with emitters of 3.2 L / h at a distance of 1 m from each other.
  • The provision of irrigation has been approximately 1200 m3/ha/year.
  • The plantation has a frame 8 x 6 meters.
  • The system that has been followed for fertigation is the suction probes fertilizer dissolution. During the campaign has made ​​five probes analysis seven foliar analysis, two of irrigation water and soil one.
  • Cost of subscriber (including leaf) 1.55 € / olive.
  • Production capacity of 15,000 to 20,000 kg / Ha.


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