Fertigota Olivo 15-4-6-0,1 Boron

Fertigota Olivo

The fertigation

Is a technique that can add fertilizer dissolved in the irrigation water for the purpose of water and fertilize the same time, thus achieving a better yield response when both factors are applied separately.
The drip irrigation fertigation brings different advantages, which include:

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  • Comfort of application and labor savings.
  • Accuracy in incorporating fertilizer through electric and hydraulic pumps.
  • Homogeneous distribution of fertilizer throughout the profile watered.
  • Adequacy of fertilizers to the nutritional needs of the crop over the entire cycle.
  • Savings of nutrients to be better utilized by plants.
  • Immediate possibility of action to correct deficiencies.


Undoubtedly these advantages may be intensified, if farmers have adequate fertilizers and know about its practical application.

[marker ]HEROGRA[/marker],attentive to the demands of new fertilizers and to meet the needs of our customers, have products [marker ]FERTIGOTA[/marker] (Liquid Fertilizers Acids), high consumption in fertigation in hard water to avoid the problems of precipitates.



Specially designed for drip irrigation subscriber olive

Its formula has been studied taking into account the overall requirements for drip olive grove in a formula high in Nitrogen and balances weighted phosphorus and potassium, which can pay the olive grove with a formula and unique product. In turn brings the olive Boron has high deprivation.
Boron is essential for the proper setting of the fruit. Its deficiency greatly affects the performance, although there are no visible symptoms.


[marker ]DOSE TO APPLY FOR OLIVE[/marker]


FEBRUARY 0,5 kg/tree
MARCH 0,8 kg/tree
APRIL 1,0 kg/tree
MAY 1,1 kg/tree
JUNE 1,2 kg/tree
JULY 1,2 kg/tree
AUGUST 1,0 kg/tree
SEPTEMBER 0,7 kg/tree
OCTOBER 0,5 kg/tree
Total Year 8,8 kg/tree


[marker ]GUARANTEED RICHES[/marker]


Nitrogen (N) Total  15%
Urea Nitrogen  15%
Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) Soluble in water  4%
Potassium oxide (K2O)  6%
Boron (B)  0,1%
pH  1,5-3
Density 1,2-1,3 gr/cc
Crystallization temperature  <0º


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