Fertinova Sprayer Testing of 3000 liters

On May 9, at the premises of Herogra-Albolote in a joint meeting of Seville Commercial Liquid S. L., S. Special Herogra L. Fertilizers and S. Herogra A. was presented by Mr. Cortes, Manager Fertinova, the 3,000 liter sprayer Fertinova. Sprayer equipment for the application of neutral or acidic liquid fertilizers and plant protection products.

The main features thereof are:

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  • Polyethylene tank 3000 l.
  • Suitable acids Clear Liquid application.
  • Suitable for neutral Clear Liquid application.
  • Suitable for application of saturated solutions.
  • Suitable for application of suspensions.
  • Suitable for application of Nitrogen Solutions.
  • Suitable for application of pesticides.
  • Hydraulic boom self-leveling
    18 meters wide with air suspension.
  • Double pump and circuit.
  • Deposits circuits and wash sink.
  • Hydraulic brake.
  • Kit mixer products.
  • Self Loading System within 10 minutes of the
    3,000 liters.

Also available with numerous options and configuration control customer demand.
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