Flexible Tanks for Liquid Fertilizers

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Deposits flexible tank for use in field and storage of nitrogen fertilizer applications and neutral solutions homogeneous liquid. Available in large capacity provides an economic and versatile to the vertical or horizontal alternate rigid bins.
Tanks French-made self-supporting flexible Labaronne-Citaf manufactured since 1959 specifically for the storage of nitrogen to sulfur solutions and long lasting.
Installation can be done indoors or outdoors. We recommend using a retainer. As seen in photographs can be made by:

  • A moat shaped slope.
  • A raft wall work.


RB 714-01

Technical fabric used:

  • HPV 13 Range: 100% polyester high-strength PVC layer (minimum 1,300 gr/m2 – yellow or green)
  • Double anti-UV face
  • Tear strength: minimum 550 N
  • Tensile Strength: Minimum 400 daN / 5 cm
  • Manufacturer Warranty 10 years 100% fabric and clothing for the application of liquid manure.


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