Hero-Ripe, the most efficient natural ripener for your vineyard

HEROGRA ESPECIALES S.L. offers you HERORIPE, a new product, totally innovative especially designed for vineyards. HERORIPE is a natural inducer of the ripening of grapes, which effect is to enhance the color, the uniformity and concentration of sugars in the fruit, without containing absolutely no hormonal element.
HERORIPE is especially designed for the vineyard crop as a necessity, due to the big problem of the ripening and the color uniformity on the grains. These are essential factors which delays the harvest and difficult its commercialization on the global market. So, using HERORIPE it is possible to anticipate the ripening giving more homogenous appearance to the fruit and obtaining a higher yield.
HERORIPE recently developed, has been tested in several trials in different areas, not only in Spain, but also in other countries, obtaining very good results that are shown below:

CIUDAD REAL (SPAIN). Vineyard of the variety Garnacha.

Recently we have obtained the results from the trial we did in the most important area of vineyards in Spain, in this case we applied HERORIPE in a vine of Garnacha variety, reaching at the end of the trial a 6% of sugar more in the grain. A really great percentage for this crop!
Hero-Ripe 01

CHILE. Vineyard of the variety Autumm Royal.

Another trial was carried out in Chile by our distributors, in two different areas of Autumn Royal variety, reaching an early ripening ompared with the application of other product of very similar characteristics and well-known in the market.
Hero-Ripe 02
In the view of the results, we have already started to export in Chile.

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