Recently in HEROGRA ESPECIALES S. L. we presented a new product fortifier root called HEROQUIL.
Now back to present another new addition to our product range Plant strengtheners:
HerocitHerocit enhancer is a natural resistance mechanisms of the plant based on plant extracts and organic acids foliar action, which acts both on the surface of the plant as at the tissue level:

  • ON STEMA. LEAVES and FRUIT naturally creates a protective film due to phenolic compounds and organic acids HEROCIT, which reduce the surface wetting of the plant tissues and prevent the proliferation of harmful agents in conditions of rain or high humidity.
  • TISSUE LEVEL active and enhances the natural defense mechanisms of the plant, such as the synthesis of terpenes, antioxidants and lignin, which prevent access to the internal milieu vegetative pathogens and deter possible damage and injury to leaves, stems and fruits .

In addition, its high antioxidant components promote rapid recovery plants weakened by external agents and prevent the advancement of injuries thus avoiding reinfection.
The natural and totally harmless HEROCIT make a totally safe and beneficial especially at critical moments for crops such as periods of high humidity and temperature, when plants need an optimal vital status to resist pathogen attacks.
The application is recommended for HEROCIT vine crops, rice, vegetables and fruit as an inducer of plant resistance, especially against fungi (mildew, Pyricularia, mildew, etc.) and airborne bacteria, as well as energetic reinvigorating damaged crops these agents.
HEROCIT efficacy has been proven in various horticultural crops. To the right is shown zucchini growing bacteriosis affected by air where two weekly applications HEROCIT shooting and managed to regain normal production of the affected plants.
For more information on HEROCIT can contact our technical sales team.
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