Herogra Ambiental in the College Albayzin (Granada)

LogosOn April 25 we were invited by the Professional Club of Sciences in the College of Albaicin, located in Granada, to share our experiences at the professional level in college students forum Science majors, consisting of future chemists, chemical engineers, biologists, physicists and economists.
The invitation was attended by Alberto Rodriguez, manager of Environmental Herogra, who gave an overview of Herogra group activity, emphasizing the challenges we face every day as a leader in the fertilizer sector.
Herogra Ambiental is a division of our company which is responsible for the products dedicated to caring for the environment, for processes such as biofuel production, water purification, gas decontamination, odor removal, renewable energy …
In Herogra we are aware of how important it is to get in touch today with new generations of scientific and technical students, who will be the future of the industry. For that we thank these partnership initiatives and student clubs, who see a strong industry Herogra and future progression.
Francisco Javier Rodríguez

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