Herogra Fertilizantes Expoliva Conference 2013

Pablo Ramos en Expoliva 2013
On the 8th, our colleague Paul Ramos, gave a talk in EXPOLIVA on the use HEROCLEAN WATER product, which we highlight the following:
In recent decades, irrigation ponds and livestock supply have experienced a proliferation in the Andalusian territory. According to the Andalusia rafts inventory prepared by the Andalusian Water Agency of the Ministry of Environment in 2004, there were 8,983 rafts sizes larger than 600 m2. The total area of ​​the same reaches the 5,744 ha.
According to their use, almost half of the rafts (47%) intended to irrigation, 26% have a livestock use, 6% combine both uses and the remainder for other uses. The turbidity can be due to the presence of many substances among which fine particles of clay and microscopic algae (phytoplankton).
Phytoplankton is constituted by a group of microscopic organisms that are able to photosynthesize and produce organic matter (primary producers), and oxygen. In the presence of nutrients and high temperatures develop very quickly producing green waters.
Excessive algae production entails a high production of organic matter and turbidity causing oxygen depletion in the water. In the pond where no macrophytes, phytoplankton with filamentous algae are the only ones able to take advantage of the nutrients in the water.
Microorganisms breeding in the inside of pipes and filters transferring gelatinous forming deposits that adhere to the pipes. They multiply in the water very quickly, according to its quality and temperature and especially if it is rich in organic matter. These gelatinous masses or deposits are eventually clog the emitters. Sometimes the problem is so severe that even impede the passage of water through the pipes carrying droppers.
The HEROCLEAN WATER is a potassium permanganate solution properly conditioned by using suitable additives. For management need not be registered in the General Register of Chemicals Scheduled Operators Interior Ministry. It can be used without any prior administrative proceedings.
The HEROCLEAN WATER is designed for use in the treatment of irrigation water. No other use is recommended for this.
El HEROCLEAN WATER reduce los olores, por una parte al romper la moléculas de las sustancias orgánicas causantes presentes en el agua y por otra, al quedar las sustancias orgánicas adsorbidas por el propio precipitado de MnO2 formado en el proceso de oxidación-reducción.
HEROCLEAN WATER concentrations of 40 to 100 parts per million (40 to 100 mg per liter of water) in the irrigation water to remove organic residues produced by seaweeds. It is recommended to inject the product into the water inlet on the raft.
The HEROCLEAN WATER is a strong oxidant that oxidizes organic matter and that keeps the water in perfect condition to avoid clogging problems of a biological nature. Not generate undesirable byproducts.
The HEROCLEAN WATER is a patented product HEROGRA FERTILIZANTES, S.A. Patent Number: 200803171

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