Herogra with the University of Granada

In the early days of March have been carried out at the University of Granada the Sixth Conference of Chemical Engineering professionals, aimed at improving the quality of teaching and the employment of chemical engineers studying the final year of the race.
Among the companies participating in this conference are the most important industries in the chemical sector in Spain.
By Herogra, D. Alberto Rodríguez, head of our Environmental Division, gave a talk in which he explained his experience in chemical engineering Herogra making the jump to University Career.
At the conference on the path deepened differentiated Herogra Environmental division, thanks to the efforts of the entire company is becoming a benchmark Andalusian industrial products for the care of the environment.
Production of biofuels, cogeneration plants, renewable energy, water treatment, nitrous oxide treatment … Applications that although there are agricultural, contribute to the care and conservation of the environment, as linked to the core business of our corporation.

Herogra Group, creating future


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