Herosulf-32: an efficient alternative to conventional N-32 Solution

maizClearly the increase in consumption in Spain of Solution Nitrogen N-32, because it has the three forms of nitrogen: nitric, ammoniacal and urea plant supplying the sustained and prolonged feeding. It has good price and applies a liquid that by its nature is much more economical than a solid.
Urea losses by evaporation in our calcareous soils in the form of ammonium carbonate is not produced in the urea N-32, of course if it is injected, and if not applied to the soil surface with drop-less, because wetting paper Solution Nitrogen makes it “soak the floor”, something like when the ink comes into contact with the blotting paper in this case the blotter is soil and this absorption prevents evaporation.
But the lack of Sulphur in cereals, regarded internationally as the Fourth Essential Element, being as important as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which we had forgotten, and therefore scarce in the land, his response makes it spectacular when provided therein.
The Sulphur is part of proteins and has a crucial role in the formation of chlorophyll.
With HEROGRA HEROSULF 32, 6 units are provided Sulphur and nitrogen 26 in the three forms of the same.
The Sulphur clearly favors the godson and fruiting, and the increase in crop yield.
I particularly recommend for corn:
The HEROSULF 32 LOCOMOTIVE HEROGRA has an EFFECT. In late season crop is essential. And its price, not to doubt their choice. We put our attention in a broad repertoire of products that we have in advise always best for you, not the best for us. It’s our way of acting.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR SUCCESS. WE HAVE VERY CLEAR and acceptance it must be increasingly important in the market. We do not care discover our strengths.

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