Hispalense Conference, Fertilizers liquid VS Solid fertilizers in cereal


On October 15, at the restaurant Nantara Port of Seville, held a talk sponsored by Fluid SL Seville and delivered by the agronomist and plant nutrition specialist, D. Miguel Ybarra Lalor.

It was entitled: Fertilizers liquid (solutions and suspensions) versus solid fertilizers in winter and spring cereals in the Guadalquivir Valley.
The event attracted a large group of technicians and managers representing major companies in western Andalusia advisory,[/one_half][one_half_last]

Hispalense[/one_half_last]and some direct customers and farmers, skilled in the art. During the talk carefully you could see the endless advantages in applying neutral clear liquids and suspensions:

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  • Versatility and efficiency in implementation.
  • Greater localization of fertilizer on the crop.
  • Easy operation, using the same machinery the farmer.
  • Use by drip irrigation installation, sprinkler or pivot.
  • Disposal of containers and racking cumbersome.
  • The possibility of formulations and combinations balances with microelements, organic and nitrification inhibitors is high with respect to the solid complexes, allowing much better adapted to the type of soil and plant phenology situation.
  • Contribution of Phosphorus 100% digestible.
  • Saving work
  • Labor saving Ability to store without dust problems caking or lumping.
  • Ability to deliver in various applications, optimizing nutrition
  • Etc, etc.

At dessert, opened and roundtable discussion where attendees were able to express their doubts and questions. This, no doubt, was one of the most educational and participatory of the day. We can proudly say that the purpose of the day passed, then we could all learn a little more of this type of fertilization and could clarify a number of concepts that emerged during the discussion. Everyone welcomed the event and Hispalense de Líquidos, SL, once again, showed that:

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