Hispalense de Líquidos S.L. possibly Liquid Fertilizer Plant with the most advanced technology from Europe

Despite the difficulties that any industry is going through right now because of the economic situation in HISPALENSE DE LIQUIDOS, S.L., we work to sustain and excel in today’s market.
With a total of 13,622 meters cubic liquid storage and 8,000 tons of solid, HISPALENSE DE LÍQUIDOS makes its way into the market LIQUID FERTILIZER ON DEMAND, distinguished by its versatility in formulation and speed in bulk truckloads, using the large storage capacity. Our facilities include direct pipeline from loading dock to storage tanks for that, now you have 10,748 meters cubic storage capacity from boat directly and imminent expansion over 1248 meters cubic. They can be downloaded from neutral products such as nitrogen solutions, to phosphoric acid.
We also have a wide battery of tanks 100 cubic meters, to accommodate both raw materials and finished product. The tanks are built mostly with special polyester prepared for each product contained density. Our facilities are equipped with deposits of other materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, allowing us to store from ammonia to nitric acid solutions.
The total number of deposits amounted to 78 and rising. This allows us to perform a wide variety of formulations. In 2012 it produced 900 different formulas. For service to farms we have the help of a large fleet of trucks, tailored to meet the needs of the field and the farmer, all directed by a strong and skilled technical team willing to solve and improve their harvest.
Recently it has undertaken to install a powerful and fast automated filter press to new market requirements. In HISPALENSE DE LIQUIDOS, S.L., work to provide high-performance solutions.
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