Liquid Fertilizers Herogra deblockers in Drip Irrigation


It is an innovation of the R + D + i of HEROGRA. The idea is simple, the pH of most soils Andalusia is high, are strongly calcareous soils. It is a very important feature and has a devastating effect on fertilization.
In calcareous soils, fertilizers behavior is well studied, largely block to block phosphorus to zinc and manganese and iron block.
The idea is to add an acid fertilizer very strongly acid to make one a drop in pH, able to unlock nutrients largely insolubilized. Thus we have a double effect, that of the fertilizer itself, and it produces the release.
This is not even remotely achieved with conventional acid liquid fertilizer, that what they do is prevent fertilizer pellets in the water, but do not get it unlocked. It takes about fertilizers, which we call “negative pH”, a high capacity fertilizer release.
This has been developed and patented Herogra for years. The results are surprising on limestone, fertilizer deblocking “CROPS ARE PROVIDED”.
Leave a parcel and test. A look is worth a thousand sayings. This is simply a result of an experience that HEROGRA Liquid Fertilizers has reached with the study and research of many years, being one of the leading technology companies in its field worldwide.

¡If your crop does not succeed, you do not use Herogra Fertilizers!

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