Multirome, the total solution of microelements

The idea has some years. It was about making a cocktail of trace elements, properly balanced, at an economical price. That was the plan, it was to see the power develop.
He began to draw up a table with the average extractions different crops, using varied texts, the author also vary extractions. They put a lot on the table, all the columns found in each of the microphones, and the crop rows and author.
Was observed on the long table, the differences were not large, maybe a crop extracted per hectare a kilo and half kilo for another crop in a particular item, but the differences are small. The micro, are so called, not because of its size but because plants extracted in small quantities.
Thus, the idea matured, and sought a balance that was good, that is correct, the vast majority of crops. And he found. Determined the standard balance of coffee for everyone, it was now taking it first at laboratory, see that raw materials, chelating, and what level of concentration could be achieved.
Thus MULTIROME generated a great cocktail of trace elements at very reduced and chelated, for doses of 150-200 kilos / ha.
Is it too much? Look What bit you? What is a lot? the important thing is the price per hectare. Do not miss out on other philosophies. Do not see it and you start wanting a few more and some less. Leave it as is and try it. Then we talked.
Do not tell us to change it, which you can save, on a theoretical change, increases manufacturing cost much. Go to Standard Micro Multipurpose MULTIROME cocktail.
Let your plants Herogra feed them at fair prices. Note profitability. Ask us. We have a practical and economical solution. If the ground is limestone, iron inject apart, we also economical solutions. For the loamy or sandy, only MULTIROME.
Herogra is in the world of FITONUTROLOGÍA wholly in the macro and micro, in the applications of precision and efficiency and profitability of the crop. Always be respectful to the environment. We are simply in FERTILIZATION TOTAL. With logical solutions, always seeking the return of the farmer. No we sell high. Just think of what is good for the farmer, and make every effort to sell us. But this is a consequence, not a premise. It’s our way of being, are like that.

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