Nitrogenous fertilizers for their crops

Nitrogen is a key element for crop growth. Depending on the manner and timing of implementation and the outcome of the crops.



High product concentration in nitrogen (40%), combines two forms of nitrogen that guarantees excellent results, Ammonia and Urea, both assembled in a single application, the first fast-acting effect and the second lasting effect.
In composition provides host Sulfur (14%), which favors the better absorption of nitrogen, synergy effect, while incorporating a plant resistance and promotes the synthesis of proteins.

  • Especially suitable for application in high crop nitrogen requirements (WHEAT, BARLEY, COTTON, CORN, FEED). Its high graduation and 40% N value.
  • Recommended in soils with alkaline pH (> 7), its sulfur content contributed facilitates the assimilation of nitrogen, which will improve the results of their crops.

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For use in cover, features two types of nitrogen.

  • Nitric Nitrogen (7%), rapid assimilation, especially suited to meet the immediate needs of the plant.
  • Ammonia Nitrogen (19%), slower as nitrifying is progressively during the crop cycle assimilation.
  • Sulfur input allowing proper nitrification of ammonia nitrogen, reducing nitrogen losses contributed proteins and promoting training and plant enzymes. Mobilize soil phosphorus and potassium and microelements solubilized.


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