Pastor Abonos, 14 years together

14 anos US
On Friday October 25 , held the traditional Abopas dealers convention , attended by 45 companies throughout Andalucía , through which Shepherd has a long and Fertilizers consolidated collaboration .
At midnight , we had the first meeting in Pastor stores Fertilizers , showing changes made ​​in that store , new fully automated mixing , big-bag packaging , logistics room , new floors with integrated cleaning system , producing improvements such great satisfaction among attendees.
We moved to Puerto Delicias restaurant in Seville , where he was the president of our company D. Juan Romero , accompanied by his daughter , Chief Financial Officer , Ms. Ana Romero. We could also have the estimable presence Herogra manager , D. José Luis Sánchez- Garrido , which helped support the symposium later occur.
In this restaurant was given a fruitful and enjoyable conference attended by business delegates , Luis Gonzalez , Antonio Valpuesta and Ildefonso Jimenez, it was produced simultaneously, marking between distributors a climate of trust and causing a long debate , where among all attendees will set the guidelines to follow , creating a sale common idea that the goal of this company is to create a collaboration between her and her faithful distributors, with special products , as Abopas , Tecnopas and Agropas .
This meeting was very successful , with great satisfaction, the distributors of our products stars .

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