Remodeling Fertilizers Pastor Stores

Pastor Abonos
Two months ago, is being pursued Improvement Plan in such facilities covering 15,000 m2, on the Island Industrial Park (Dos Hermanas – Sevilla).
The improvements include:

  • Increased storage capacity.
  • Significant improvements in streets and parking facilities.
  • Changing electrical transformer, second high power.
  • Installation of compressed air in the pneumatic valve drive enclosure.
  • Installing Compound Fertilizer Plant, large capacity, fully automated. Second phase project over another Fertilizers Plant Compounds.
  • Big Bag Filling Machine of 100 tdas/hour, robotic and automated install in September.
  • Draft a third line of high-capacity packaging, tube packaging.

The goal is clear, have the best facilities, technologically advanced, cutting-edge technology with FERTINOVA, Herogra Corporation Company.
This will increase capacity and service delivery and good I had PASTOR FERTILIZERS having the fan in crystalline solids and possibly wider reaching Spain and Compound Fertilizers leadership, with the latest automated production technologies.

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