Special Herogra plant is equipping it to increase its production capacity for three

Three months ago the plant of HEROGRA ESPECIALES S.L. is undergoing a major transformation of its production plant that will end with the implementation of the most advanced technologies of the moment.
“We are betting big on HEROGRA ESPECIALES” says D. Juan Romero Ruiz, President of the Herogra Corporation, aware of the great commercial success in the international arena that is reaching the company and the steady advance in the domestic market despite the difficult economic situation in our country.
HEROGRA ESPECIALES are currently already reaching more than 40 countries and have a portfolio of customers, growing business thanks to the efforts made ​​in recent years that we hold as solid company within the special fertilizer sector.
[/one_half][one_half_last]Grafico producciones especiales
[/one_half_last]This major international expansion, the increasingly diverse range of products in our catalog, the continuous advancement in manufacturing customized products for our clients and our constant innovative spirit are the reasons behind this remodeling project of our plant and soon , its transformation into a large plant, fully modernized, with the highest technology and multiplied by three our current production capacity.
So, after several months of planning and a thorough search of the latest technology, have already begun work and installation of new and modern equipment in our plant, such as high-performance packaging machines for liquid products and gels, automated robots, packers, palletizers, shrink wrapping, etc. which will likely make it to our plant in the first of Spain in this segment.
[pullquote]Because in the HEROGRA CORPORATION consider the number two is the first loser[/pullquote]
The works are expected in mid-September completion time, after which, begin new international expansion HEROGRA ESPECIALES S. L. As this occurs, the Herogra Corporation prepare the Strategic Plan of the Group for the three years 2014-2015-2016. Especially in this last year a great event celebrating the Centennial of our Company.

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