Tecnopas range of controlled-release granular fertilizers


Controlled Release Fertilizers
Effective and complete nutrition for their crops

Saco Tecnopas
TECNOPAS ® is a controlled-release fertilizer technology based on biodegradable polymeric coating Haifa MulticoTech ™, developed by Pastor Fertilizers, SL
TECNOPAS covers nutritional plants throughout their development cycle with a single application, saving labor and increasing profit to the farmer, thus decreasing nitrogen fertilizer units 20%.
TECNOPAS reduces nitrogen losses by leaching or volatilization, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.
Liberacion controlada
Within the range Tecnopas, we have products such as nitrogen and TECNOSOL TECNOPLUS.
TECNOPLUS contains 45% of the amide nitrogen with 20% controlled release and TECNOSOL contains 40% nitrogen (6% ammonia and 34% amide), plus a 18% and 22% SO3 Controlled Release.
Now is the time for watering their crops. Lime today and reap tomorrow.


  • Technology.
  • Acting granular fertilizer developed for all crops.
  • Coated fertilizer mix without protective cover.
  • Provides the microelements needed for the nutrition of their crops.
  • One background application, provides all the nutrients to the end of the culture, no subscriber coverage.
  • Controlled release technology based solely on soil temperature.

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