The Liquid fertilizers in the vineyard of La Mancha

Since relatively recently, no more than a dozen years becomes general practice fertigation with clear acid fertilizers vineyard. Especially following the restructuring of the culture which is gradually passing vessel strains in intensive plantations trellis with a medium density of 2000-2400 vines per hectare.
This crop intensification proper nutrition necessary Vineyard where both foliar mass productions have risen very considerably especially in white grape varieties such as Airen variety native of La Mancha, with results as good as those obtained in the plot of the photos, where it became a subscriber Fertigota fertigation with 6-6-10.
In this plot the estimated production stands at around 20 kg/strain which will mean no less than 40 t/ha simply spectacular, showing the proper symbiosis between culture and practice of clear acid subscriber.
Undoubtedly, present and future of fertigation in vineyard go together a good balance in farming practices and applying liquid fertilizers .[/one_half][one_half_last]Fertigota
Viña 01[/one_half_last]

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