The Liquid Fertilizers required in handling concrete materials


Liquid Fertilizers for storage, transportation, transfer and application, require suitable materials.

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It is usual dosing pumps are used for fertigation that give problems, break down, are numerous breakdowns. Is common to use pumps for moving with the same problem. And that is extensible to valves, pipes, hoses and fittings.
The equipment and accessories for liquid fertilizer management need not be more expensive than others made ​​of other materials, but we always make sure we are what we need for each use. That is, you have to know specifically what you need to use. This requires advice by experienced companies in the field. Many times, we resort to inadequate sources of information, and consequently, the resulting problems come after.
FERTINOVA S. L. for Business Herogra Corporation, specializing in Liquid Fertilizers facilities, dedicated to the installation of liquid factories, reform and modernization of the same, installation of warehouses or distribution centers, or dosing and storage on farms, and as varied supply of machinery for the application of liquids in the field. Everything you need for processing, handling and application of liquid fertilizers.
Fertinova is offered, as volunteers, from our experience, to inform you that materials are more suitable in every situation with liquid fertilizer, but you freely ask other vendors.
Fertinova offers a wide range of specialized products, we know we are increasingly prepared in this field and can offer the best prices with fast service, so sooner or later, everyone who handles liquid fertilizer ends up being our customer.
We encourage you to try and draw your conclusions.

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