The SCA Rice of the Lower Guadalquivir visit our installations in Albolote

Several members of the Governing Board of the Cooperative, led by its president D. Vicente Onion, honored us with their visit last February 26, accompanied by the Trade Commissioner, Mr. Pecci and our friend, Mr. Yanez, giving us the opportunity to show you our latest innovations in new product lines, bagging, palletizing, and in general, our processes and quality controls.

Were received and served throughout the tour of the facilities by the Director of Grupo Herogra, Mr. Sanchez-Garrido and our Head Factory, Mr. Lopez.

We are very flattered by the demonstrations received about our quality products, presentations of the same, both in bulk how in big bags of 500 kg or in pallets of 25kg bags. As well as our great services from our subsidiary transport, Maxlogtrans. They were interested, among others, our specialty Heroclean Water for water treatment.

This Cooperative, founded in 1985, has a total of 170 members totaling 4,000 hectares., Which account for approximately 10% of the total area under cultivation in the province of Seville. Having excellent quality of land, as well as good farming practices they do, make the crops reach above-average yields, obtaining yields above 10,500 and 11,000 kg / ha., These on rice round (var. japonica).

We hope you continue to get great crops and from here we offer to lend our unconditional cooperation.

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